About Us

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We are Exchangeo!

Exchangeo is a clean and Modern Money Exchange and any Business website. Exchangeo is best suited for Money Exchanger and Investment. To put it simply, foreign exchange is the act of changing one currency into another currency, whether that’s for tourism or for commerce, for your jaunt to Paris, or for multi-million dollar deals.


Our Company

We have 24 years' experience in financial trading and offer pricing on a wide range of global CFD instruments. Access tight spreads via the powerful Exchangeo platform.
Currently, we have more than 250,000 global customers & 150,000 global businesses choose for their international transfers. We have transferred £70 Billion for our customers since we launched, more than 1 million transfers per year.
Since then, we’ve grown exponentially and with a global team around 600 strong, have become a market-leading, multi-award winning, bank-beating, rapidly-growing, fun-loving international payments company.